Senior Home Care

Facilities such as assisted living and nursing homes are more expensive compared to care in-home assistance.  Comparing the cost of different home care facilities is vital before you can decide which one is good for your loved one.  Get the rates of different homes and compare the prices to ensure you get a good bargain. A senior home that provides 24-hour assistance to the residents is preferred. Residents in in-home care received personalized assistance.  Each resident is served by their own caregiver and they are at the seniors call taking care of any need they may have.

Unlike in a nursing home or where they offer assisted living where caregivers are  given several residents to take care of. This makes it hard for the resident to get personalized care and any needed attention.

There are many ways which seniors use to pay for their assisted living services being rendered to them.  Assets, savings, investments can be used by a senior to pay for the services he receives in a in-home care.  Another one is where the insurance comes in and pays for prolonged care. This one is popular, much needed and appropriate. It is one of the most popular insurance policies that is available.

Reverse mortgages are also used to pay for in-home care. Reverse mortgage payment mode is favour because of its ability to pay for almost all the expenses incurred in the in-home care.  All the expenses are paid with ease using reverse mortgage and therefore seniors are able to stay for long in a in-home care facility.  There are several needs that a senior may have which can be paid reverse mortgage.

The pension obtained from the veteran administration or attendance pension is what can be used to pay for in-home care.  A surviving spouse or the veteran him or herself and is  on a 90-day active duty and a need arises, then you become eligible for the veterans administration which is linked to the disability pension.

Long term adult foster home care can also be paid out by the government as a resort that people take up to ensure payment is made for their loved ones who are in homes.  This is connected to the medical aid system where seniors who cannot pay for their home care are covered.

There are those seniors who use life insurance policy to pay for their home care while at the same time planning ahead which has lately become the only option there is left in the modern day. Long term insurance policies are available and even in the case of someone who will just remain reclined in a chair in their last day this is their best option. Learn more about assisted living at


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